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Buranapa offers cost effective and highly innovative packaging solutions.We use state of the art software to design and calculate loading, Withfully comprehensive, packaging services. We understand customers needs are highly individual. Thus, each customer will benefit from the knowledge of our highly skilled team to provide you with the most suitable packaging solution. At Buranapa Group Co.,Ltd. Solutions for export packaging for over 30 years. With our long experience in designing, manufacturing and packaging services for all kind of material handling products such as Wooden Pallets, Wooden Crates, Wooden Boxes, Wooden Cable Reels. Our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO, FSC, ISPM No.15 – IPPC. We also offer plastic wraps, Paper packaging and other material handling products for all export packaging needs.Our warehouse service team can help customers with the most stringent demands or an unsurpassed massive supply of wooden pallets in either Milk Run or Just in Time manufacturing style

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Buranapa Group Co., Ltd. is a leader in the manufacture of wooden packaging, such as wooden pallets, wooden crates, wooden wheels. We also work with major manufacturers of plastic pallets around the world. We provide technology and methods to prevent corrosion in our products.

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We use state-of-the-art software to design and load calculations. To provide comprehensive packaging services. We understand the needs of our customers.So each customer will benefit from the knowledge of our highly skilled team. We have designed more than 1000 wooden pallets, more than 500 wooden crates and more than 100 wooden wheels and other unique moving packaging.We know the advantages and disadvantages of each package. We know what type of packaging works best for you. Not suitable for any format. Our mission is to produce packaging for our valued customers.



We would like to thank all customers who trust the products and services of Buranapa Group Co., Ltd. We have a policy to develop quality packaging for moving. And packaging for storage. And services. To meet the needs of every packaging industry of Integrated Group. Designed to make the logistics system of the customer become.International logistics protects and protects the customer's goods from damage. The convenience of storage,transportation and transportation safety.