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Buranapa Group Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of packaging for storage and transportation. With over 20 years of experience in design, manufacturing and packaging services for a wide range of products. Continuous development to cover all packaging requirements.


Outstanding industry

Industrial Management Small Medium

It is an organization that works and manages accurate and timely information.

Outstanding Logistics Development Award

Buddhist EraProducts
2525Wooden refrigerated legs Manufacturer
2533Wooden Pallet Manufacturer
2542Crate Manufacturer
2547Certificate IPPC
2549Certificate ISO 9001:2008 (Present 9001:2015)
2550Automatic palletizing machine
2556Wire and Cable Reels Manufacturer
Wooden Pallet Rental
2557Certificate FSC
(FSC marks are wood and wood based products from natural forests. And properly planted in accordance with internationally recognized principles)
2558Packaging Service
Warehouse Service
Certificate FSC
2559Anti-corrotion Packaging , Shrink warp
2560Paper Packaging

Our services cover most of Thailand major industrial estates