Improving the quality of wood

Quality improvements thereonThere are several ways We could do both in color strength to shrink the swelling as well as durability.


Is one way Which do not like the lighter colored sapwood beautiful wood more extensively. Some liquid bath timber Wood has also resulted in a more, not less. This issue has been studied And then some But not widespread

Baking or steaming the wood at high temperatures.

Make certain chemical compounds Vacuum dehydration which is very degraded. As a result, inflation And contraction of the wood down to. It was a way to improve the quality of wood.

Baking or Drying

How to make dry wood. Moisture balance with moisture in the air before. To prevent the shrinkage of wood later on as well. This is not difficult. And in large quantities in the baking or desiccation of wood to clear. Make the air in the pile easy to vent (air in the air). It takes a long time. Any dry air The wood dries quickly. If the weather is damp, as in the rainy season, the wood dries Solve this problem,The oven has been used up. In the oven, we may control the hot, cold, dry or humid conditions as required. It can make the wood dry faster. It will not damage the wood from the same shrinkage.

Wood working

By the stack of wood is not clear. It will make the wood dry quickly. It also helps prevent fungus damage. And wood decay as well. especially The part of the wood is plastered. In general, if the stacks close together in the process of processing live. Just two days The mold is full. Maybe sticking together is a liver. Do not separate immediately. Damage to use is not forever.


If soaked for a long time. Make flour And the sugar in the wood decomposes. Later, when the wood is used even with a sap. It will not interfere.


Wood makes a sturdy performance in terms of higher extensively. Resistant to mold, termites, beetles, barnacles and sea. This is because there are many types of plastic. Both the oil and the salt, such as Rio Audio-soluble salts, such as arsenic, copper intake may force less necessary. And as is to be applied by brush, dip or plunge milling the drug with water pressure and Vacuum.

sapwood (phloem, xylem)
The next shell into The substances necessary for sustaining plant life, such as flour, sugar, protein and prevent mold easily. And like a moth

The wood pile

The enameled